Getting started with Office 365

We'll talk creating tenants, extending your trial, figuring out what license(s) to purchase and more!

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New to Office 365 or are you looking for a general overview of the platform? Ready to purchase Office 365 but a little confused with the licensing, what's available and what you should choose? Did your Office 365 administrator only give you admin access to one product or specific products and you want to see what else is available in Office 365

This webinar will be a great overview and starting point to answer these questions. Diving into all the details and nuances in Office 365 would take days! This webinar will be slightly more in-depth than last months webinar when we just looked at 5 key topics. In future webinars, I’ll focus on specific products and go dig deeper.

Ready to walk through standing up a tenant, figuring out which licenses you need, what is available in Office 365, extending your trial a little longer and just a good overview of the Office 365 with lots of demos and very few slides? Register today!!