How to get started scripting for Office 365

What Modules need to be installed? How do you connect to Office 365? How to get started with the Office 365 CLI?

When You Attend, You Will Learn...

Join Ben Stegink for this presentation where we'll take a look at "Getting Started with scripting for Office 365 ". In this presentation, we'll look at two different options for writing scripts for Office 365 and how to get started.

We'll kick things off by taking a look at PowerShell. The various modules you need to be aware of, how to download and install them, as well as how to connect to the various Office 365 Services: Exchange, SharePoint, Azure AD, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and others.

We'll also take a look at getting started with Office 365 CLI. Where to find it, how to get it installed and how to start working with this scripting method for Office 365.